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Best practice package to engage seniors in ICT

Danish, Swedish and Lithuanian organisations have run a project called "Use IT and Enjoy" to explore the ways how to motivate the elderly to use ICT. Two years collaboration is summarized in a best practice package available to download.

The project was funded by NordPlus Adult and three organisations were selected to implement it: Aeldremobiliseringen (DK), Pensioners' Association PRO (SE) and Langas į Ateitį (LT). The outcomes of the research have revealed main motivational factors in each project country, policy differences, ICT impact on shaping the information society, to name a few. The best practice package “Engaging Seniors to use ICT” introduces to the role of ICT in partner countries, main ICT providers and available e-services, covers good practices and provides with a guideline on how to motivate seniors to use IT. 


Source: Engaging seniors to use ICT 

Download the best practice package here.

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