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Innovate UK launches the Long-Term Care Revolution

The Long Term Care Revolution Challenge 's ambition is to find radical and innovative new ideas that will disrupt the current long term care institutional model. The vision is to replace the current model with alternatives that have the potential for real commercial value in the UK, and which sustain the rights, dignity and whole life experience of UK citizens by 2040.

The vision is to eventually replace what exists with a dynamic market for sustainable and affordable solutions that will fuel economic growth while ensuring that, when it is no longer possible to live independently, or when high levels of nursing care and support are required, people can confidently make the transition to more dependent lifestyles.

The aim about radically rethinking current models of long-term care and dependency and creating new and desirable alternatives leading to structural and change for the future. It is not about reforming what exists, but about constructing something new between now and 2040 to create disrupt the current institutional and unsustainable model of long term care structure and delivery.

The goal is to create diverse, vibrant and cutting-edge non-institutionalised services and systems addressing the lifestyle needs and wishes of dependent individuals, their carers, and families, delivering long term care options that are fit for purpose and fit for the 21st century.

Source: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/eipaha/news/index/show/id/677