Speaking of ICT skills: The European Dictionary of Skills and Competences (DISCO)

One of the objectives of CARER+ is to provide care workers and caregivers in domiciliary care with structured ways to improving their digital competence. But what is digital competence anyway? What do we mean when we speak of ICT skills in care work? And what if there is an 11-language European dictionary to help us find the right terms and phrases for skills in all sectors, including ICT, health care and social work?

DISCO – the European Dictionary of Skills and Competences – is an online thesaurus of skill-and-competence terminology that allows for exploring and utilising a rich collection of both transversal and sector-related skills and competences, and for translating them into 11 European languages: English, French, German, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish. Besides the system of terms, the recently enriched DISCO thesaurus also includes short phraseological competence descriptions formulated as learning outcomes for the sectors of environmental protection, information technology, health and social services as well as for the non-domain specific areas of competence.

In the context of the CARER+ scope of interest, the DISCO thesaurus provides around 640 terms and over 900 related phrases describing ICT skills and competences. Similar amounts of terminological items are available for the sectors of social services and health care. All terms and phrases are available in the eleven languages of the thesaurus, and can be exported directly into a Europass CV, Europass Mobility, Certificate Supplement and other reference documents through the DISCO Document Profiler application.

The DISCO thesaurus will be used as one of the key sources for the identification and collection of evidence on the ICT knowledge, skill and competence terminology informing the development of the CARER+ Digital Competence Framework for care workers and caregivers. The thesaurus can be also used by the care practitioners themselves as well as education and training providers, employers, policy makers and other stakeholders.

For more information about DISCO, please visit www.disco-tools.eu or contact the project leaders Heidi Mueller or Petra Ziegler