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Competence domain C Care-specific digital competence
Competence area 10 Personal development and social integration of carers
Competence title 10.2 Peer support and exchange of good practices
Competence description   Engaging in peer communities of care workers and caregivers; participating actively in the exchange of good practices; publishing and consulting online examples, from own work and from the work of others; identifying local as well as remote care work groups and associations and contributing to their activities; coordinating with peer care workers the services provided to common or related care recipients.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples

- distinguish various ways how digital technology allows for collaboration, exchange of information and peer cooperation

- understand how digitally supported collaboration between peer care workers can streamline care services and benefit care recipients
Skills examples - search existing communities of care workers and caregivers as well as networks of organisations and associations
- publish online own knowledge, experience and work outcomes
- consult with online peer communities about various issues related to care work
- establish new digital peer networks and engage peers and organisations
- adapt best practices shared by peers to his/her own cotexts of work
- utilise knowledge on care networks and organisations for job-search purposes
- reply to information requests of peers by providing own knowledge, experience and feedback
- share with peers the care-related information about common or related care recipients while observing privacy and safety issues
- coordinate work tasks with other carers via online planning and collaboration systems/networks/databases
Attitudes examples

- recognise the value of peer exchange and cooperation
- be willing to share own knowledge and good practices with peers

- maintain own professional integrity and ethical behaviour when sharing information on care recipients with peers