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Competence domain C Care-specific digital competence
Competence area 10 Personal development and social integration of carers
Competence title 10.3 Competence management, certification and acquiring qualifications in social care
Competence description   Identifying specific areas of digital competence to establish the ones in which one is particularly interested; pursuing improvement in such areas; working towards specialisation and acquisition of expert knowledge and skills; understanding the purpose of certification; validating one's learning outcomes through certificates, diplomas and other means of formal recognition.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples

- understand how specialisation and expertise can enhance his/her employability
- identify areas of digital competence that he/she is particularly interested in
- understand the particulars of training programmes and certification schemes at the
interface of care work and digital competence

Skills examples
- collect information on special areas of digital competence systematically
- consult qualification and assessment standards
- consult care work associations to analyse current skills needs in the sector
- validate own learning outcomes through certificates, diplomas and other means of
formal recognition
Attitudes examples

- exploit his/her interests and talents in order to pursue specialisation and expertise
- acknowledge the value of formal recognition and certification of skills and competences