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Competence domain A General digital competence
Competence area 1 Information
Competence title 1.1 Browsing, searching, & filtering information
Competence description   Accessing and searching for online information; finding relevant information; selecting resources effectively; creating personal information strategies.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples

- understand how information is generated, managed and made available
- understand which search engines or databases best answer to his/her own information needs
- understand how information can be found in different devices/media

- understand how care recipients’ face-to-face modes of inquiry differ from digital ones
- distinguish search engines and strategies most appropriate for care recipients

Skills examples

- adjust searches according to results
- use filters and agents
- use search words that limit the number of hits

- mediate the User skills to care recipients
- support care recipients in adopting the User skills

Attitudes examples

- demonstrate proactive attitude towards looking for information
- be motivated to seek information for different aspects of life

- encourage care recipients’ curiosity and willingness to look for information