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Competence domain C Care-specific digital competence
Competence area 11 Care coordination
Competence title 11.1 Digital administration of care work
Competence description   Using digital devices and applications to independently plan, monitor and report care activities; tracking through ICT’s the places visited and recording the activities carried out; ensuring flexible reactions and real-time response to care recipients' needs as well as to instructions from care service organisations.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples

- distinguish various digital devices and applications that can support digital administration of care work
- explain the advantages of digital support to planning, monitoring and reporting care-related activities

- give examples of how care recipients can participate in care workers’ digital administration of care work (planning, scheduling, reporting)
Skills examples
- use basic office applications to create or fill administrative forms and reports
- operate basic office equipment (e.g. printers, scanners, card readers)
- use care organisations’ administrative systems and databases to plan, monitor
and report own work
- digitalise hardcopy care documentation (e.g. by scanning and storing receipts, medical reports, images)
- submit digital reports and work-hour sheets
- synchronise his/her monitoring /tracking devices with care organisations’ systems
- introduce to care recipients various digital tools for confirming and recording care visits and activities realised (e.g. electronic signature, assignment of specific bar and QR codes, chip cards)
- feed the outputs of care recipients’ health diagnostics recorded during care visits into online systems operationally
Attitudes examples

- recognise the benefits of rigorous planning, monitoring and reporting of own work
- comply with care organisations’ digital administration practices

- balance digitally supported recording activities during care visits with personal attitude, communication and socialising with care recipients