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Competence domain C Care-specific digital competence
Competence area 11 Care coordination
Competence title 11.2 Organising and supervising care work
Competence description   Using care organisations' systems for managing care workers; participating in coordination and monitoring of work of others through digital technologies; undertaking supervision and leading roles in care organisations through digital means.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples


- have overview of various digital business packages and applications
- understand care organisations’ management processes and procedures
- select appropriate and/or most efficient systems for organising care work
Skills examples
- plan care workers’ schedules and tasks through digital systems and databases
- monitor care work performed by others through tracking and reporting tools
- administer digital profiles of carer workers and other staff
- process digital administrative input submitted by care workers (e.g. reports, work-hours sheets, client requests)
- create periodic statistics and overviews of care workers’ activities
- communicate online with related services and bodies such as municipalities, social offices, medical facilities, other care organisations
- provide online guidance and supervision to care workers
Attitudes examples


- promote effectiveness and efficiency of care organisations’ processes
- balance digital management with personal and case-specific attitude to care workers