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Competence domain A General digital competence
Competence area 1 Information
Competence title 1.2 Expressing information needs
Competence description   Understanding when information is needed and what type of information will fill a knowledge gap; articulating information needs in efficient way.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples

- evaluate own information needs
-understand how information is made available online
- understand the difference between data and information
-understand how data is structured in a digital environment

- evaluate care recipients’ information needs
-define specifics of care recipients’ information needs

Skills examples

- adjust searches according to specific needs
-identify information gaps
-follow information flows across different sources, devices or media

- mediate the User skills to care recipients
-support care recipients in adopting the User skills

Attitudes examples

- realise that information is needed to solve problems in different contexts
-be reflective about own information needs

- be reflective about care recipients’ information needs