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Competence domain A General digital competence
Competence area 2 Communication
Competence title 2.4 Collaborating through digital channels
Competence description   Using technologies and media for team work, collaborative processes and co-construction of digital content and resources.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples

- understand how collaborative processes facilitate content creation
- distinguish when content creation can benefit from collaborative processes and when not
- understand different roles needed in diverse forms of online collaboration

- describe how care workers can benefit from digital collaboration with each other
- describe what advantages digital collaboration among care workers can bring to care recipients
- give examples of concrete digital collaboration activities in care

Skills examples

- use collaborative features of software packages and web-based collaborative services (e.g. Word document track changes, comments, tags, wikis)
- give and receive feedback
- work at a distance with others

- mediate the User skills to care recipients and fellow care workers
- support care recipients and fellow care workers in adopting the User skills

Attitudes examples

- demonstrate willingness to collaborate with others
- function as part of a team
- seek new forms of collaboration not necessarily based on previous face-to-face engagement

- recognise the potential of working collaboratively with other care workers