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Competence domain A General digital competence
Competence area 3 Content creation
Competence title 3.5 Programming
Competence description   Programming applications, software, devices; understanding the principles of programming; understanding what is behind programmes.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples

- explain how digital systems and processes work
- understand the basics of software meta-operation

- assess the extent to which care recipients can benefit from carers’ programming skills
Skills examples

- create models, simulations and visualisations of the world using digital information and means
- code and program digital applications and devices

- set-up and program care recipients’ smart devices (e.g. vital sign monitors, alarms, reminders, multifunctional smart objects)
- adjust software and application settings to the needs of care recipients

Attitudes examples

- be curious about the processes enabling the use of ICTs
- explore the possibilities of programming and creation of outputs

- observe that care recipients are not discouraged by the complexity of technological meta-information
- support care recipients who are curious about technological meta-information and programming