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Competence domain A General digital competence
Competence area 4 Safety
Competence title 4.1 Protecting devices
Competence description   Protecting own devices and understanding related risks and threats; applying safety and security measures.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples

- become aware of risks associated with using digital devices
- distinguish between basic principles of handling digital devices
- give examples of measures to protect devices from damage and wear-out

- assess care recipients’ general ability to use digital devices safely
- identify various scenarios of damaging devices and describe appropriate preventive measures

Skills examples

- initiate, set-up and control safe operation of various digital devices (mobile/smart phones, tablets, laptops, table computers, digital cameras, audio devices, specialised health and care aids)
- use safety accessories to protect devices from physical damage and wear-out
-examine malfunctioning devices and decide where professional service is needed

- mediate the User skills to care recipients
- support care recipients in adopting the User skills

Attitudes examples

- read and observe user manuals and operation instructions for devices
- use devices sustainably and economically

- promote to care recipients the importance of referring to user manuals and operation instructions for devices
- prioritise the safety of care recipients over the protection of devices and equipment