General Digital Competence Enabling Digital Competence Care Specific Digital Competence
Acceptance Adaptation Progression Support
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Competence domain B Enabling digital competence in social care work
Competence area 5 Acceptance
Competence title 5.1 Role of digital competence in care work
Competence description   Understanding the role of digital competence in care work; understanding how different kinds of digital technology can support care workers in their profession as well as care recipients in their daily lives; realizing the benefits and challenges of implementing ICT in social care
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples

- give examples of everyday uses of digital technology
- describe a digitally competent person
- explain how digital technology can benefit the work of carers
- describe different ways of applying digital technology in own practice

- explain how digital technology can benefit care recipients
- give examples of digital technology already used by care recipients
- describe common challenges preventing care recipients from using digital technology and improving their digital competence

Skills examples

- assess own level of general digital competence
- search for national and international examples of practices and projects in digitally supported care work
- select good practices applicable in own work

- estimate care recipients’ current attitude towards digital technology
- evaluate care recipients’ willingness to accept digital technology and improve their digital competence
- assess care recipients’ current level of general digital competence

Attitudes examples

- adopt positive attitude towards digital technology
- demonstrate willingness to gain and/or improve own digital competence

- maintain positive as well as realistic approach to the role of digital competence in care recipients’ lives