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Acceptance Adaptation Progression Support
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Competence domain B Enabling digital competence in social care work
Competence area 5 Acceptance
Competence title 5.4 Sustainability
Competence description   Ensuring user-friendliness and adequacy of digital technology used by the care recipient; avoiding overcomplexity and high costs; observing sustainable user development; preventing discouragement and loss of interest.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples - understand the possibilities and limits of digital technology
- understand the priority of user experience
- provide overview of basic ICT user strategies and goals
- understand the limitations of individual care recipients’ capacity to use
- anticipate the adequacy of different digital solutions for different users
Skills examples

- evaluate relevance and suitability of different kinds digital technology in different contexts
- select digital devices and applications with regard to own needs and work tasks
- test-use and evaluate the relevance of different digital technologies

- observe balance between care recipient’s digital and non-digital activities
- determine the level of user-friendliness of different technologies
- ensure cost-effectiveness and economy of the digital solutions used
- support continuous interest and self-development of care recipients
- adapt technologies to care recipient’s circumstances
Attitudes examples - combine optimistic and critical attitude towards digital technologies

- prioritise care recipient’s needs over technological requirements
- cultivate care recipient’s curiosity and optimism as well as critical
assessment of digital possibilities