General Digital Competence Enabling Digital Competence Care Specific Digital Competence
Acceptance Adaptation Progression Support
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Competence domain B Enabling digital competence in social care work
Competence area 6 Adaptation
Competence title 6.4 Variability, creativity and resourcefulness
Competence description   Supporting variability in digital technologies used and activities carried out; helping care recipients discover the creativity and diversity of digital environments; preventing stereotypisation and boredom; providing orientation and guidance; helping with systematisation.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples - recognise the diversity of digital technologies available
- distinguish different digital user strategies
- explain to care recipients the richness of digital possibilities
- identify tendencies to stereotypisation and loss of interest in care recipients’ digital activity
Skills examples

- find alternative digital solutions for identified needs
- change digital strategies where appropriate
- combine different devices and application according to work-task requirements
- test new formats and platforms

- introduce to care recipients a variety of available digital tools, applications and methods to carry out common activities
- engage care recipients in new digital activities and services
- update regularly the portfolios of digital services used by individual care recipients
- assist care recipients in systematising their digital portfolios, accounts and identities
Attitudes examples - maintain variability of own digital activity while preserving systematic approach

- observe the risks of digital addiction
- encourage resourcefulness and innovation