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Competence domain B Enabling digital competence in social care work
Competence area 7 Progession
Competence title 7.3 Feedback and modification
Competence description   Reflecting with care recipients regularly on the advantages and challenges brought in their lives by digital technology; addressing obstacles; giving constructive and sensitive feedback; acknowledging achievements; modifying care recipients' digital user strategies and learning plans where appropriate.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples

- understand principles of self-reflection
- give examples of own strengths and weaknesses as regards digital competence

- realise benefits as well as challenges brought to care recipients’ lives by digital technology
- understand principles of constructive feedback and motivation
- give examples of positive and negative feedback

Skills examples

- reflect on own digital competence in terms of modification and adjustment
- modify own digital user and learning strategies

- listen actively to care recipients’ explicit as well as implicit notions about the role of ICTs in their lives
- reflect with care recipients on specific obstacles and modification needs as regards their digital activities
- give constructive and sensitive feedback
- propose alternative learning paths and/or areas of activity
- acknowledge care recipients’ achievements
- modify care recipients’ digital user and learning strategies

Attitudes examples

- maintain integrity and authenticity in reflecting own self

- maintain integrity and authenticity in reflecting others