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Competence domain C Care-specific digital competence
Competence area 9 Independent living and social participation for care recipients
Competence title 9.4 Counselling for care recipients and families
Competence description   Being able to function as a first point of inquiry for care recipients and their families in matters of digital competence; providing orientation and advice to care recipients with regard to their specific digital needs; earning care recipients’ trust as a competent user as well as a guide through digital technologies; promoting different user strategies with a special focus on social care-related digital solutions; mediating professional/technical assistance where necessary.
Application level User Guide/mentor
  He/She is able to:
Knowledge examples


- organise own knowledge, skills and attitudes related to digital competence into a transferrable form
- give examples of right and wrong approaches to counselling and advising care recipients
- have overview of frequent user problems with digital devices and applications
Skills examples   - introduce to care recipients basic strategies for analyzing the nature of a problem and finding appropriate help
- advise care recipients how to perform elementary troubleshooting and recovery
Attitudes examples


- empower care recipients by supporting their creativity, independence and can-do attitude in gaining and improving digital competence
- take into account obstacles and limits met by individual care recipients in gaining and improving digital competence