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2 Communication

2.1 Interacting through technologies

Interacting through digital devices and applications; understanding how digital communication is distributed, displayed and managed; understanding appropriate ways of communicating through digital means; referring to different communication formats; adapting communication modes and strategies to specific audiences.

2.2 Sharing information and content

Communicating with others the location and content of information found; sharing knowledge, content and resources; acting as an intermediary; spreading news, content and resources; applying citation practices and integrating new information into existing bodies of knowledge.

2.3 Engaging in online citizenship

Participating in society through online engagement; seeking opportunities for self-development and empowerment in using technologies and digital environments; being aware of the potential of technologies for citizen participation.

2.4 Collaborating through digital technologies

Using technologies and media for team work, collaborative processes and co-construction of digital content and resources.

2.5 Netiquette

Knowing behavioral norms in online/virtual interactions; understanding cultural diversity aspects; protecting self and others from possible online dangers; developing active strategies to identify bad behaviour.

2.6 Managing digital identity

Creating, adapting and managing one or multiple digital identities; protecting one's online reputation; dealing with the data that one produces through several accounts and applications.