Living things with Ubiquiet

Ubiquiet, a French start up, was created in 2009. The company is an operator which offers infrastructure and data center services assistance to the elderly and home care thanks to a smart object, amongst others. This box, named Li1 in reference to the word “link” (lien) in French and (“Ubibox” in English) enables users to access multimedia information and launch applications related to care, quality, training and communication.

Extremely simple to use, Li1 focuses on three major types of services: - Social ties to fight against isolation and loneliness of the elderly : the ultra-simplified modular Li1 helps to maintain social ties by giving the seniors the possibility  to make phone calls, dial telephone numbers, listen to radio, manage their calendar, pass messages between them and the caregivers, read and send emails and SMS, inform them of their appointments, talk with a notebook voice-connected, and by establishing a flow of selected information and giving access to a service platform; it makes elderly feel as actors in a social network and punctuates their everyday life …

- Safety of the person at home or in an institution: thanks to a system of discrete sensors strategically placed, Li1 will detect automatically an abnormal behavior, a fall or a malaise, guarantying a secure environment
- Better access to telemedicine: thanks to Li1, elderly can benefit from a medical follow-up during convalescence, a monitoring of their chronic diseases, report their physiological condition, and receive personalized therapeutic indications.
The Ubiquiet communication system can detect and treat voices, but the company chose to first use the buttons to access information to minimize the sense of intrusion into the lives of the elderly.
Imagined as a terminal for communicating data (wifi, bluetooth, 3G, Zigbee, RFID …), Li1 can read cards equipped with RFID chips compatible NFC, which are then associated with one or a series of applications or context to facilitate daily life and help caregivers (professional or family care givers).
But how does Li1 work? Watch the video here below (in French but containing English material):

Dominique Génaux (UbiQuiet) par think_digital Ubiquiet Website Read more on Ubiquiet and the partnetship with Carer+ Consortium