Digital Competence Framework (Latvian)

General Digital Competence Enabling Digital Competence Care Specific Digital Competence

The CARER+ Digital Competence Framework (DCF) is designed around three Competence Domains:

  • Domain A: General digital competence (DIGCOMP adapted)
    • Competences relevant for the development of general ICT literacy.
  • Domain B: Enabling digital competence in social care work
    • Competences to make the application of digital technology possible, sustainable and accepted by both care workers and care recipients.
  • Domain C: Care-specific digital competence
    • Competences focused on care sector-specific application of digital competence, and on enhancing the employability of carers through organisational digital competence and skill management.

The DCF structural elements are organised according to five dimensions:

  • 3 Competence Domains
  • 11 Competence Areas
  • 41 Competences
  • 2 Application Levels

The following diagram represents the structure of the CARER+ DCF, illustrating the dimensions of Domains (central circle) and Competence Areas (square objects), and indicating the numbers of single Competences in each Domain (numeric circles):